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We had a full mango season in 2012 from India. We were able to bring Alphonso from Ratnagiri and Aurangabad, Banganpalli from Kadapa, Kesar from Aurangabad, Langra, Chaunsa and Dussehri from Malihabad to mango lovers in the US!! No mango from Pakistan made it to the US- we are working to ensure supply in 2013. There are very few orchards which have the most flavorful mango in India and Pakistan- we are focused on bringing top quality fruit from these orchards to our customers. We sincerely appreciate your support in this effort!! Following is an update on the 2012 season.

Alphonso Mango: Consistently low temperature in April slowed the ripening and maturity of the Alphonso mango in Ratnagiri and Devgad. The region had the worst mango weather in 21 years and the fruit was heavily tormented by the weather. During the season, we managed a few great shipments, some average to better-than-average shipment and a handful of shipments which were heavily weather tormented. However, sponginess was higher than normal this year. For next year, we are investing in proprietary processes and equipment to filter out potentially bad fruit. For 2013, we have already secured commitments from the top orchards in Ratnagiri and Devgad which have the most flavorful alphonso mango in the entire world. Our customers will be able to enjoy the intoxicating flavor of top quality Ratnagiri Alphonso and Devgad Alphonso in 2013.

Kesar Mango: We had excellent Kesar this year. We have access to some of the most aromatic Kesar groves in India. Next year we plan to include Junagarh Kesar to our portfolio. This Kesar is smaller in size, but is even more aromatic and flavorful.

Banganpalli Mango: This was a superb year for Banganpalli- the quality of the fruit was excellent. The season started early and ended 10 days early for us as rains set in. We kept our focus on getting the best Banganpalli from the Kadapa area. This fruit is the most desired in the entire world!! We are already planning our shipments for 2013. This year we were flooded with customers asking us to bring more Banganpalli- we encourage them to order early next year so that we can ensure that we bring enough quantity to satisfy their demand. There aren't many orchards which have top quality fruit and the whole world is vying to get their fruit. We have a strong relationship with them and will be looking to expand it in 2013!!

Rasalu Mango: In 2013, we are planning a few shipments of Rasalu. There was a huge interest in this mango this year, but we could not get quality fruit. We are looing to get "Chinna Rasalu" in 2013, which is a smaller fruit and is a juice mango. When ripe, it is extremely juicy and sweet. People freeze its juice so that they can enjoy it during the winter months!!

Himayat Mango: Also called Imam Pasand, this is one hell-of-a-mango. Some say that one Himayat is sufficient to deliver a knock-out punch-of-aroma to all living things in its vicinity. Popular among nawabs, we will get a limited quantity in 2013 based on pre-orders!!

Langra Mango: Langra mango season was delayed by 2 weeks. We had planned 3 shipments, but could get only 2 partial shipments. The Langra was also pre-season and smaller in size. Langra is very sensitive to heat and some of it ripened quickly and could not handle the heat. The fruit that survived was great tasting. We are looking to expand the Langra season so that we can catch the fruit in its prime in 2013- more mature fruit travels better. Our shipments were the only Langra shipments that made it to the US in 2012!!

Pakistani Mango: We got the permit to import Pakistani mango in 2013. However we were unable to import any mango from Pakistan this year due to restrictive airline schedule and high processing cost at Sadex in Iowa for smaller loads. The odds were highly stacked against us, but we tried till the end before giving up for 2013. We are obviously disappointed but we will take all these into account and re-double our efforts next year. Without us taking the lead, no mango from Pakistan came in this year. This will give an idea about how tough the whole process is- even with consumers willing to pay for the product, we could not get anything. Your support will be very important as we prepare to mount an operation in 2013 to ensure that we get the Pakistani mango in 2013. We cannot let another year go by without experiencing the joy of tasting fruit from Multan and Sindh. We are looking to get Pakistani Langra, Chausa and Anwar Ratol. As we get close to 2013, we will have a better idea whether we can also hope to get any Sindhri.

Dussehri Mango: Dussehri mango season was delayed by 1-2 weeks. We got our supply from Malihabad near Lucknow. Although the fruit developed in size, but due to lack of rain, the fruit did not develop in weight. We had planned our shipments in mid to end June and had to take the pre-season fruit which was not very juicy and therefore wrinkled sooner than normal. The fruit also hit a heat wave in the US. Our second Dussehri shipment held up better. We are proposing a change in the supply chain to tackle this in 2013. Our shipments were the only Dussehri shipments in the US in 2012!!

Chausa Mango: Chausa mango progress was normal this year. The season starts in India in July, however due to the US inspectors leaving on June 30th, we had to get our shipment early. Lack of rains affected the crop and it wrinkled rather quickly. However, the fruit was great tasting and was generally liked by our customers. Our shipments were the only Chaunsa shipments in the US in 2012!!