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We had a full mango season in 2013 from India. We were able to bring all top varieties of mangoes from India, except Neelam!! Mango from Pakistan could not make it to the US due to the costing of the supply chain. In all, we had a mixed season, mostly due to premature monsoons. Following is an update on the 2013 season.

Devgad Alphonso: Flowering was good. The first crop was ready in Jan/Feb 2013. We however got our fruit from the second flowering which was ready in April 2013. The US inspector started his work later than expected so we lost our scheduled volume from Devgad. Consequently, we could get only a limited supply of the Devgad Alphonso.

Ratnagiri Alphonso: Flowering was good. The first crop was ready in Feb/Mar 2013. There was some concern about presence of cripps (insects), but was managable. Our fruit came from the second flowering which was ready in April/May 2013. We added an organic orchard in 2013- the size of the organic fruit was smaller as it does not get the artifical boost. The organic fruit was extra sensitive and flavorful. Some of the best Alphonso we tasted was from the organic orchard. However, the rate of rejection of the fruit was high. This was our first experience with the organic alphonso and we learnt a lot about the nature of the fruit. We will be taking extra steps in 2014 to handle Alphonso from Organic Orchards.

Kesar: Flowering was normal- lesser than 2012. The first crop came in May 2013. The crop was excellent. Except for few fruits which matured quickly, majority of the Kesars were top quality and they held well. The weather in the Kesar belt was very good so the fruit was fine. The US inspector in India also appreciated the quality of our Kesar and gave it high marks. We will be getting fruit from these orchards again in 2014.

Banganpalli: Flowering was normal. The first fruit came in May 2013. However we got limited shipments of Banganpalli this season- early rains affected the fruit quality in later shipments. The season was also cut abruptly cut short due to the rains. We need to add more orchards of Banganpalli in diverse regions to insulate ourselves from weather in 2014.

Rasalu: We got a limited quantity of Rasalu based on the advance orders that we received. Demand was high however the unseasonal pre-season hail affected the crop. The crop in Nuzvid was a complete washout. We could only get 1/3rd of the planned crop. We divided it equally among those who had ordered it. Most were disappointed and were left clamoring for more. We will be adding more orchards in 2014. This was the only Rasalu that made it to the USA in 2013.

Imam Pasand (Himayat): We got a limited quantity of Himayat based on advance orders. Some appreciated the fruit greatly. The fruit becomes soft when ripe- something which took getting used to. Overall, the response to Himayat was great. We will be adding more orchards for Himayat in 2014 for export to the USA.

Neelam: We were unable to get any Neelam despite herculean efforts. We will be making a renewed effort in 2014.

Mancurad: Most sought after mango in Goa (yes, more than Alphonso!!) and our shipments proved why. Mancurad has a unique flavor- we got a limited quantity based on advance orders. The quality and the response was well appreciated. We hope to increase this volume in 2013.

Dussehri: We received an excellent shipment of Dussehri. Rains came in early in 2013 as the monsoon was 2 weeks early. This created havoc with later Dussehri shipments. We did get all the planned shipments, but had difficult quality issues in the last shipment. This was our first brush with weather ravaged Dussehri in 6-years and that sent us un a tailspin. We will be handling this very carefully in 2014.

Langra: Extreme scarcity and high demand for Langra characterized the 2013 Langra Season. End-season rains affected quality at the end of the season. This was the only Langra that made it to the US in 2013.

Chausa: Our Chausa in 2013 was again pre-season. Unseasonal rains caused it to swell and then shrink pre-maturely. The flavor was great but it was nowhere near the peak we had expected. This was the only Chausa that made it to the USA in 2013.