ANDHRA SPECIAL Box- Banganpalli-Himayat


Enjoy the 2 most popular varieties of mango varieties from the western region of India in a single box. A Box of Fresh Premium Banganpalli and Himayat (also called Imama Pasand) mangoes picked from the premium Mango regions of Andhra Pradesh in India. Available until supplies last. For freshest fruit select Next Day Shipping (ships on Monday).

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This is a special Extra Large box of the two most popular mangoes from Andhra Pradesh in India. The Special Box has 6-12 Banganpalli mangoes (6-8 lbs) and 6-12 Himayat mangoes (6-8 lbs).

Banganpalli mangoes are called the Pride of Andhra for their rich flavor, aroma and taste. Our Banganpalli mangoes come from the Kadapa region of Andhra Pradesh in India. This is a mountaineous region which has unique soil and climate conditions that come together with the high heat to produce a sweet fiberless mango which is unparalled in taste and flavor. This Banganpalli mango has the most delicate skin- some people eat the skin of the Banganpalli mango from Kadapa with the fruit when it is ripe.

Himayat mangoes are also called Imam Pasand. This is a highly fragrant variety and extremely delicate with no fiber. One Himayat in the home will light up the whole house with fragrance. It is considered a delicacy among mango lovers in Anhra Pradesh. This is so delicate, some people even eat the skin.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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