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2023 Mango Season Update- Jan 1, 2023

Mango Season Update


USDA inspectors expected to arrive in India in April, season expected to commence mid April.

Alphonso Mango: Flowering in Ratnagiri is good and on schedule.

Mancurad and Payri Mango (from Goa): 2-3 full shipments expected in 2023.

Andhra mangoes: Banganpalli expected to be ready mid May. Additional orchards added for rasalu this season. Himayat, Mallika, Totapuri, Malgova season is on schedule. Neelam seems to be on track to be ready second week of June.

Kesar mango: Additional processing centers expected to be ready in Ahmedabad and Saurashtra. This will improve the logistics for Kesar.

Langra, Dussehri: Expected to be ready mid June.


Sindhri: Sindhri starts first week of June and is on schedule. We expect better weather and fruit this year.

Ratol: Anwar Ratol is expected to start mid June, Late season ratol start mid July.

Multani Chaunsa: The Emperor of Mangoes, Multani Chaunsa is expected to start end of June  and finish end of July. We are hoping for lesser rains and hopefully no floods to contend this year.

White Chauusa, Rattewala: White Chausa and Azeem Chausa (Rattewala) are expected in August.


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