Simply put, this is the most popular juice mango from the Andhra Pradesh region of India. It usually comes in 2 sizes- the smaller, more popular is called chinna rasalu. The most sought after chinna rasalu mangoes come from the Nuzvid region of Andhra. The peda rasalu is more widely grown and all over the Andhra region- it can get very big in size. Another variation of this mango is the Cheruku Rasalu (sometimes also called Cheruku rasam)- this mango is juicy like the rasalu, but extremely sweet (Cheruku means sugary), although it gives up some of its fragrance to accommodate the sweetness.

This mango is extremely sweet and juicy when ripe. When it is ripe, it needs to be immediately consumed as it has a low shelf life. The mango itself is also very delicate and sensitive. When ripe, it is like a balloon filled with juice- it is fibrous, but extremely soft and juicy. Most people extract the juice during the peak season in bulk and freeze it for the times when there is no mango. Frozen rasalu juice is a popular delicacy at celebrations and weddings.

Its peak season is from mid-May to mid-June.