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Mango Season Update- May 25, 2019


The Ratnagiri Mango season is over for us. Few shipents of Devgad alphonso are left. 

We have had 5 weeks of Alphonso with multiple shipments every week. A sluggish season start, followed by a decent to excellent season. Minor glitches and tissue damage reported on a single shipment- no major issues. 

Last few shipments of Devgad Alphonso are left. We might have a few additional shipments at the end in addition to it from adjoining areas, but the season is endking, so please 

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ZZMANGO Newsletter: March 2019

  • March 2019 Newsletter Released – You can read it here
  • Article: Ratnagiri Alphonso- Devgad Alphonso- King of Kings: Full Article: read here
  • February 2019 Sweepstakes winners announced- they get a free box of mangoes…
  • 2019 Mango Season Update
  • Mango Review: Alphonso, Banganpalli, Chausa
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January Sweepstakes Winners

Congratulate to the following winners of the January 2019 Sweepstakes:

Abhijit Patwardhan – Small Box Winner
Vutrala Narayana – Large Box Winner
Varun Aggarwal – Large Box Winner
Riten Patel – Large Box Winner
Gieve Patel – Large Box Winner

Order by February 20th to join the February Sweepstakes, where you get a chance to win a free Large Box of Mangoes.

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2019 Mango Season is Open for Orders!!

All Season Passes on Sale !!

  • Indian Mango Season Pass
  • Pakistani Mango Season Pass
  • Alphonso Mango Season Pass
  • Langra Chausa Dussehri Mango Season Pass
  • Banganpali Season Pass
  • … and more … 

Fresh Indian & Pakistani Mangoes!!

Sale and Sweepstakes- Ends Jan 3, 2019 Midnight !!

  • Sale ends midnight Jan 3, 2019 PST
  • All orders placed before the deadline qualify for the sweepstakes
  • Each shipment of a season pass will be considered a separate entry
  • All orders placed before the deadline will also be automatically entered into any other sweepstakes that are drawn in January and February.
  • Draw for the New Year Sweepstakes will be held on March 1
  • Following prizes are being offered:
    • Large box of fresh Premium mangoes of your choice (All Orders)
    • Small box of fresh Premium mangoes of your choice (All Orders)
    • Large box of fresh Premium mangoes of your choice (Season Pass Only)