Indian Mango Fruit Spread

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Enjoy authentic Fruit Spread made from Indian mango without the use of any Artificial Ingredients.

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100% Natural and Pure Mango Fruit Spread, made mostly with Alphonso mangoes, which are also are known as the King-of-Mangoes. Our 100% Natural Mango Fruit Spread retains the complex aroma and flavor of the mango fruit.

  • Each sealed glass bottle is 7.5oz by Volume.
  • The Mango Fruit Spread does not contain any artificial ingredients; colors stabilizers or essence.
  • The Mango Fruit Spread is made from ripe mangoes, with Sugar and spices added to it.
  • Fruit Spread is generally eaten with toast, as a topping or as a marinade.
  • We recommend that the product be mixed well before consumption for the flavors to stabilize, refrigerated after opening and finished quickly because the product does not have any preservatives.

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