Box of Alphonso Mangoes (Organic Orchard)


Alphonso Mango is called the KING OF MANGOES. A Box of Fresh Premium Alphonso mangoes picked from the Top Mango regions of the world. This mango is organically grown in an orchard which is certified organic.

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Alphonso mangoes are called the King of Mangoes for their rich flavor, aroma and taste. Our Alphonso mangoes come from the Ratnagiri – Devgad region and its surrounding areas. The mangoes grown in Ratnagiri and Devgad are special due to their unique flavor that develops due to the unique soil and climate of the region. These mangoes are also protected by Geographical Indication (GI)- mango grown in this 300 Km belt is sometimes referred to as “King of Kings”.

The Alphonso mango is our most popular mango variety- we have been shipping this premium product since 2007, when Indian mangoes were allowed into the USA. We have relationships with Top Alphonso growing orchards in the region. We have also developed an elaborate protocol to handle this super sensitive mango, which when consumed in all its glory can transport you to a different dimension.

This mango is grown in a premium orchard in the Ratnagiri region of India. The orchard is certified organic. The mango grown using organic methods is not subjected to any artificial fertilizers or chemicals when it is grown. In additional nutritious organic fertilizers are used which results in a mineral rich fruit which is extremely flavorful when ripe. Additionally, there is no hybridization of the seed, which ensures the original alphonso flavor. The organic alphonso is traditionally smaller in size and exceptional in flavor when ripe.

The mango conforms to all specified processing required by USDA for import of mangoes to the USA.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Large (6-8 lbs), Extra Large (13-16 lbs)

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5/06/2019, 5/13/2019, 5/20/2019


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